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We have been creating fresh, handmade mozzarella everyday since 1995 and after much encouragement from family, friends and customers (especially those who have moved away!) we have decided to ship out mozzarella throughout the United States. Other delis ship out mozzarella, either frozen or packed with dry ice. In order to preserve the freshness of our mozzarella, we have taken the steps to vacuum pack it and ship with ice packs only. This ensures that the mozzarella will arrive to you as if it were just made.

Fresh mozzarella is made from milk curd mixed with hot water. The curd is often made from cow's milk and in some instances from buffalo milk. Curd is formed when raw milk is pasteurized and coagulated. For this we use Pollio Gold, the highest quality curd available on the market. Now that you have a little background, let's make mozzarella.

The curd is cut into small pieces, salted (available unsalted by request) and then mixed with hot water. The curd is then worked until it becomes a solid mass. When the proper smooth, silky, elastic taffy like consistency is reached, the curd is pulled and stretched into long ropes of cheese. This "rope" is then formed by hand into balls or treccia (braids), our specialty. These are then tossed into cold water to hold their shape. Upon request, we can stuff and roll mozzarella with such items as roasted peppers, sun dried tomatoes or prosciutto just to name a few.

Fresh Handmade 'Mutz' 7.99 lb
Handmade mozzarella. Silky and creamy, made fresh on premises