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Candle Creations by Fran
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Super Hero 7.75 ea
Salami, Hot Ham & fresh 'Mutz' w/ roasted red peppers. Crispy or Soft hero.
All American 6.50 ea
Ham, Baked Turkey Breast, American Cheese. Crispy or Soft hero.
Classic 7.25 ea
Ham, Salami & fresh 'Mutz'. Crispy or Soft hero.
Italian Combo 6.50 ea
Ham, Hard Salami & Provolone. Crispy or Soft hero.
My Italian 8.25 ea
Prosciutto & fresh 'Mutz' w/ sun dried tomatoes. Crispy or Soft hero.
Vegetarian 7.25 ea
Fresh 'Mutz', fresh Basil & sun dried tomatoes. Crispy or Soft hero.
God Father 7.95 ea
Proscuitto, Sopressata, Cappicola & fresh 'Mutz'. Crispy or Soft hero.
Baked Turkey 5.95 ea
Store Cooked Turkey Breast. Crispy or Soft hero.
Prosciutto 6.50 ea
Finest pork available. Crispy or Soft hero.
Roast Beef 6.50 ea
Top round beef, seasoned and store cooked. Crispy or Soft hero.
Hard Salami 5.95 ea
Delicious mild smokey flavor. Crispy or Soft hero.
Hot Ham 5.95 ea
Ham with a spicy coating. Crispy or Soft hero.
Boiled Ham 5.95 ea
Premium ham. Crispy or Soft hero.
Mortadella 5.95 ea
Italian style bologna with pistachios. Crispy or Soft hero.
Sopressata 6.50 ea
Sweet or Hot, italian style salami with peppercorns. Crispy or Soft hero.
Cappicola 6.50 ea
Sweet or hot, Italian style cured pork loin. Crispy or Soft hero.
American Cheese 4.00 ea
Muenster Cheese 4.00 ea
Soft and flavorful
Monterey Pepper Jack 4.00 ea
White cheese loaded with spicy peppers strips
Cheddar Cheese 4.00 ea
Hard yet smooth
Provolone Cheese 4.50 ea
Mild taste
Fresh 'Mutz' 5.95 ea
Fresh handmade mozarella, silky & milky
Swiss Cheese 4.50 ea
Tuna Fish 6.50 ea
Made with Hellmann's mayo & celery
Italian Tuna Fish 6.50 ea
Made with oil, vinegar, roasted red peppers & sun-dried tomatoes.
Chicken Salad 5.95 ea
Made with Hellmann's mayo, white meat chicken, celery
Egg Salad 3.95 ea
Fresh boiled eggs, mashed with Hellmann's mayo
Add: Fresh 'Mutz' 1.50 ea
Fresh handmade mozzarella. Silky & milky, great addition to any sandwich
Add: Roasted Red Peppers 1.00 ea
Marinated in oil, fresh garlic, salt & pepper
Add: Sun Dried Tomatoes 1.50 ea
Marinated in oil and fresh garlic
Add: Sweet or Hot Peppers 0.50 ea
Stripped in brine
Add: Bacon Strips 1.50 ea
Baked crisp and delicious
Add: Sliced cheese 0.50 ea
American, Swiss, Provolone, Cheddar, or Pepper Jack
Add: Extra Meat 1.00 ea
Any domestic deli meat
Add: Cole Slaw 0.50 ea
Home Made Cole Slaw
Add: Marinated Mushrooms 0.50 ea
Marinated in oil.
Add: Extra Imported Meat 2.00 ea
Any imported deli meat.
Add: No Charge Toppings 0.00 ea
Choice of Lettuce, Tomatoe, Onion, Salt, Pepper, Oregano and/or Dressing.
Grilled Chicken Cutlets 5.95 ea
Chicken cutlets
Breaded Chicken Cutlets 5.95 ea
Breaded cutlets deep fried
The Frannie (specify grilled or breaded) 7.95 ea
Chicken Cutlets, Prosciutto & melted Provolone w/ balsamic and marinated red roasted peppers.
The Dan (specify grilled or breaded) 7.95 ea
Chicken Cutlets, Bacon and melted American Cheese w/ mayo, lettuce & tomatoe.
The Pesto (specify grilled or breaded) 7.95 ea
Chicken Cutlets & fresh 'Mutz' w/ pesto spread & marinated red roasted peppers.
The Parm 6.95 ea
Breaded Cutlets & Fresh Mutz Smothered in Marinara and oven toasted.
BLT 4.50 ea
Crispy Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato (specify mayo).
Grilled Cheese 2.95 ea
Grilled Cheese.
Franca's 7.25 ea
Chicken with fresh 'Mutz'.
Paisano 6.50 ea
Fresh 'Mutz' w/ basil & tomatoes.
Natalie's 7.25 ea
Sopressata & fresh 'Mutz' w/ tomatoes.
Antipasto Salad 6.95 ea
Ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone cut into pin wheels on a tossed salad, choice of dressing
Italian Salad 6.50 ea
Fresh 'Mutz', olives, roasted peppers over mixed greens. Add Chicken +1.50
Chef Salad 6.50 ea
Ham, turkey, swiss cut into pinwheels on a tossed salad, choice of dressing
Mesclun Salad 5.50 ea
Mixed Greens Topped w/ Walnuts, Apricots, Goat Cheese & Cranberries. Add Chicken +1.50
Home Made Potato Salad 3.99 lb
Potatoes with green peppers & carrot zests in Hellmann's mayo
Home Made Macaroni Salad 3.99 lb
Elbow noodles, carrot zests in Hellmann's mayo
Home Made Cole Slaw 3.49 lb
Shredded cabbage, carrots in Hellmann's mayo
Half Sour Pickles 1.50 ea
Large and flavorful, good crunch